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Monday 3 October 2022
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Composition : each ml of Diaquinocox contains:
Sulfaqiunoxalline          25.6 mg
Diaverdine                     6.4 mg

Diaquinocox  is recommended in follwoing instances:
treatment of coccidiosis and diarrhea caused by E.tenella, E.acervulina, E.maxima, E. necatrix.
control of mortality caused by pasteurella multocida.
Decreasing incidence of fowl typhoid caused by Salmonella Gallinarum in turkeys.
prevention of embryonic mortality and prevention of Decreasing of hatchability due to coccidiosis in breeders.

Dosage and administration : 
3 ml of diaquinocox per 1000 ml of drinking water for 3 consecutive days, then stop treatment for 2 days and continue the treatment for 3 days again.
(treatment 3 days- stop 2 days- treatment 3 days)

Should not be used in layers when their eggs consume by human.

Withdrawal time : 
't use Diaquinocox in laying pullets within 28 days prior to beginning of laying period.
Poultry Meat: 5 Days

Storage : keep in dry place, below 25 C and protect from light


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