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Saturday 4 December 2021
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Oxytetracycline 20%

Composition : each gram of powder contains 200 mg of oxytetracycline HCL.

Indication : oxytetracycline is effective against a wide range of gram-positive and gram-negative bacterial and also mycoplasma species ,rickettsia ,chlamydia.

Proteus , shigella and many strains of staphylococcus are relatively resistance to the drug. oxytetracycline is indicated in prevention and treatment of bacterial disease of poultry ,ruminants, fishes and honey.

Dosage and Administration :

Poultry :

Prevention : 30 g of powder in 100 liter of drinking water for 3-5 days.

Treatment : 60_120 g of powder in 100 liter of drinking water for 3-5 days

Ruminant : in new borns and young animals 11-22 m per kg body weight per day d in adult animals 55 mg per kg body weight per day

Fish : 25-75 mg of oxytetracycline per kg body weight depending on type of disease severity (maximum for 2 weeks)

Honey bee : mix4 g of powder with 30 g of sugar ,then use as solution or dry matter

Contra –interaction : do not administer in cases of hypersensivity to oxytetracycline ,liver or renal dysfunction.

Drug-interaction : oxytetracycline is incapable with penicillin, erythromycin sulfate, enrofloxacin, polymixin B, sodium bicarbonate and also forms a chemical complex with bivalent and trivalent cations such as calcium, magnesium and iron

Withdrawal time :

Meat: 7 days            milk : 4 days           egg : 7 days

Storage : keep in dry place and protect from light 


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