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Saturday 3 December 2022
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Composition : each gram of the powder contain 25 mg active fumagillin in special carrier. Since nosema disease usually occurs at fall and spring of year so twice treatment is recommended and is secure method.

Autum treatment : dissolve the content of 50 g sachet in 2 liters lipid water and mix with 60 liter of cooled  syrup, feed the medicated syrup 4 times in dose of 1 liters at an interval of 7 days to each hive

Fumagillin is very sensitive to heat , therefore the preparation should be mixed only to body-warm water or syrup

Spring treatment:in spring and in case of serious nosema infection, should be administered in a fallowing way

A: dusting powder form : in case of serious nosema infection and in spring, mix 1 kg suger fine powder with the content of 50 g sachet then gradually add 17 kg suger fine powder on it and mix. Spray sufficient quantity of the medicated powder on frames and all parts of hiva daily. 3 kg medicated powder should be administered for each hive.

B : liquid spray form : dissolve the content of 50 g sachet in 2 liter tepid water and mix with 15 liter cooled syrup and spray it by an atomizer on honeycombs & wall of hives.reapet the treatment 2 days later

Precaution : prepare the syrup only as needed at 1 time .close it tightly. Don’t administer during or prior to the production of honey

Storage : keep the sachet in refrigerator


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